12 setembro 2007

strangers in the night

Some people play a role in your life.
You don't choose them, I guess they don't choose you either, it just happens, by accident, faith or some other unknown reason that remains unexplained: however, your life seems to take a different direction (even if slightly different) as soon as you meet them - or rather, as soon as they leave.
Recently, I seem to have been the voluntary "victim" of such experience, where the fact of meeting someone new coming from a distant place(*) had a strong impact in my perception of life. If the mentioned impact occured because of their origins and the way they lead their lives, or if it occured as a consequence of their departure is something i have yet to figure out: the fact it something has changed - for the better, I must admit.

I am a much happier and wiser man now.
Would I be even happier should I have the opportunity to carry on seeing them?
Fuck knows. Or not.

(*) "distant" is not measured in miles or kilometers, rather in opportunity.

4 comentários:

Thunderlady disse...

Everyday tihngs happens in our life. Some of them we realise that happened. Some don't. Some of them we let change us. Some we just know the consequences after a long time.

You were just "lucky": for the expirence, for having that perception that it changed your life, for understanding some things now - or just see them in different point of view.


Anónimo disse...

Secantes ou tangentes...

Cai de Costas disse...

De acordo, anónimo: encontros à tangente que nada de secante tiveram.

Anónimo disse...


Encontros secantes nunca serão secantes.

Poderão até eventualmente ter uma pequena distorção e momentâneamente parecerem tangentes, mas inevitavelmente acabarão sempre em paralelas.